Join us in these smaller communities of the church as we form our relationships in Christ together!

Let’s be real, life wasn’t made to be lived alone. We need one another.

We’re created from community (the Triune God) for community (life together), which is why Community Groups are vital to the life of our church.

Whether you’ve been following Jesus for your whole life or you’ve never even heard of Him, you are welcome at our Community Groups (CG’s). 

We believe that Jesus is for everyone and that Jesus changes everything. This is why our CG’s aim to remind each other how our relationships with God, relationships with one another, and relationships with our neighbors are formed in Christ.

Some practical ways we do this is by: discussing God’s Word together, eating meals together, hearing each other’s stories, serving one another, serving together, confessing sin to one another, rejoicing and weeping together, encouraging one another, and praying together.

Questions about a specific group? Email the point person below.

General questions about Community Groups? Fill out our Connect Card.



Regent Square | 6:00pm | April: [email protected]

Glenshaw | 6:30pm | Daniel: [email protected]

South Hills | 7:00pm | Michael: [email protected]


Squirrel Hill North | 6:30pm | Siani: [email protected]


Millvale | 6:30pm | Samantha: [email protected]

Bloomfield | 6:30pm | Bri: [email protected]

Forest Hills | 6:30pm | Julia: [email protected]

Penn Hills | 6:30pm | Caitlin: [email protected]

Sharps Hill | 6:00pm | James: [email protected]


Squirrel Hill South | 6:30pm | Jeremy: [email protected]