Our mission in Renaissance KIDS

To see Jesus made famous: We teach that the entire Bible is about Jesus, using the Jesus Storybook Bible

To see children grow to be like Jesus: We seek to partner with parents to teach and model the gospel to children as well as to pray for their hearts to be changed by Christ’s love

To see the children learn to live out the Great Commission: We believe that only the Good News of Jesus Christ can change lives; therefore, we aim to equip the children with this good news, so that they would desire to tell others


Parents have the option of worshipping as a family in the service, and we also offer Kids Church during the Sunday service. In Kids Church, our trained teams of teachers and assistants present age-appropriate lessons and activities that go along with our mission.


Our communities are inclusive, which means that everyone is welcome to join in our meals and discussions as part of our church family – and children are definitely very much a part of our communities in Renaissance. They are welcome to join the group discussion after dinner, or, additionally, we have a volunteer within the group who supervises a time for the kids to play and spend time with one another during the adult’s discussion.


As part of our vision to make Jesus famous and fulfill the Great Commission in our city, we seek out opportunities to serve our communities and share Christ’s love with them. We encourage families to take ownership of living within and serving their communities in their everyday lives, and also to join Renaissance Church in serving as a body of believers in our communities.


  • The safety of children is one of our highest priorities as a church, and we take this responsibility very seriously.
  • We interview our volunteers and perform background checks on every individual who is involved in the children’s ministry.
  • Volunteers can be identified by the RenaissanceKIDS nametags worn by each teacher.
  • Also in the interests of safety, when children are brought to Kids’ church parents fill out a security tag. These tags come in two parts, one which the child wears and lists their name, age and any allergies they may have, and one which the parents take and bring back with them in order to pick up their children.
  • These tags have matching security numbers that must be paired by the children’s volunteers before a child can be taken from our care. (In the event that you lose your security tag, you will be asked to show your driver’s license. Safety is our first priority, even if it requires extra time.)
  • The first time that a child attends Kids’ church, we have a detailed information card that will be kept on file.
  • We ask that if your child is sick, and/or has had a fever in the past 24 hours, that you keep them with you during service. This policy exists for the protection of the children in our care, and sadly this may mean that some Sunday mornings there will be children who will be asked to sit with their parents.

If you have further questions or would like to volunteer with the children’s ministry, please contact us at [email protected]


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